Now Add Honey (2014)

Honey Halloway | To Premiere
Honey Halloway, shining Hollywood teen star returns home to Australia for a short trip and finds her life crumbling into chaos. | Photos |  Official Website


Vampire Academy (2014)
Lissa Dragomir | To Premiere
Lissa is the last known surviving member of her family and It is Rose, her bestfriend duty to keep her safe. | Photos | Official Website


Mako Mermaids (2013)
Lyla | Currently showing in Australia and available in Netlifx
Lyla, the loner and a bit of a rebel, Lyla lives her life as a mermaid and is perfectly content swimming alone all day. She has fun in her own way, and she isn’t used to having to rely on others, so she can be a little prickly at times. | Photos | Official Website


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Lucy Fry for Alexa Miller

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I added 11 MQ images of Lucy from her photoshoot with Alexa Miller. Don’t forget to click the link below to see the images in the gallery.



GALLERY LINKS: Photoshoots > Outtakes & Sessions > 2015 > Alexa Miller

Watch the trailer of Now Add Honey

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A couple of weeks ago, we shared the first sneak peek of Now Add Honey. Starring by Portia de Rossi, Lucy Fry, Robyn Butler and many more. Now you could watch the trailer below.


Now Add Honey First Look, Sneak Peek & Poster

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On November 6, it was announced Lightning Entertainment Acquires International Sales Rights to “Now Add Honey”. Now we finally have a poster, much longer synopsis, first look of Lucy as Honey Halloway and a sneak peek video. Now Add Honey is slated for 2015 release.




SYNOPSIS: Caroline Morgan’s (Robyn Butler) comfortable suburban life is in freefall: her two bickering daughters are driving her mad, she’s being worked to exhaustion by a thankless boss, her husband announces that he’s leaving her for their beautiful young yoga instructor who’s having his baby, and…Now Add Honey!


Caroline’s pill-popping, alcohol-abusing sister Beth (Portia de Rossi), and Beth’s teen-idol pop-star daughter Honey Halloway (Lucy Fry) come in like a hurricane for a surprise visit from Los Angeles, with their airheaded Hollywood entourage in tow. When Beth is sent to rehab, things disintegrate into hilarious chaos as Honey adjusts to suburban life without her stylist, private chef, and personal assistant – while the rest of the family adjusts to having a superstar hogging the bathroom, going wild on shopping sprees, attracting crowds of adoring fans, dodging paparazzi, and breeding chaos wherever she goes!


But right when she’s about to fall apart, Caroline realizes that Honey’s bubbly-blonde charm could be what her troubled family has needed all along. Funny, heartfelt, and sincere, NOW ADD HONEY tells the riotous story of what happens when a normal family gets a taste of not-so-normal celebrity!


Official Poster of Now Add Honey and LQ stills of Lucy as Honey Halloway.








GALLERY LINKS:  Movie Production > Now Add Honey > Screencaptures  > Poster


Watch the sneak peek of Now Add Honey below or watch the video in here. (From 00:41 to 00:48, 02: 21 to 02:40)


First Look of The Preppie Connection

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I added two high quality images of Lucy Fry as Alex Hayes in The Preppie Connection, I also added two behind the scene images. Click the link below to see the high definition in the gallery.


THE PREPPIE CONNECTION chronicles the true story of a group of prep school students who ran a drug distribution operation in the early 1980s. The story centers on Toby (Thomas Mann), a low- class
scholarship student, who uses his street cred and access to drugs to make friends with the wealthy,
popular kids. Toby cultivates a cocaine trafficking network, getting in far over his head as he leads his friends into the dangerous world of Colombian drug cartels.


 HTML5 Icon 

HTML5 Icon

GALLERY LINKS: Public Appearance > 2014 > Stills Behind The Scene

Lightning Entertainment Acquires International Sales Rights to Wayne Hope’s Comedy “Now Add Honey”

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According to Rama’s Screen, Lightning Entertainment has acquires the international rights to Lucy’s film, Now Add Honey also starring by Portia de Rossi, Lucy Fry, Robyn Butler and Ben Lawson

Los Angeles, CA – November 6, 2014 – Continuing to ramp up its sales slate at AFM, Lightning Entertainment announced today it has picked up rights to comedy “Now Add Honey,” starringPortia de Rossi (“Scandal,” “Arrested Development,” “Ally McBeal”), Lucy Fry (“Vampire Academy,” “6 Miranda Drive”), Robyn Butler (“The Librarians”, “Welcher and Welcher”, and Ben Lawson (“No Strings Attached,” “Neighbors”). The announcement was made by Lightning Entertainment EVP & General Manager Ken DuBow.

Lightning will be screening and introducing the film for the first time to buyers at the AFM, where it will have its market debut.
“Now Add Honey” is directed by Wayne Hope (“The Librarians,” “Upper Middle Bogan”) and written by Robyn Butler (“The Librarians,” “Very Small Business”), who are also producing the film alongside Louisa Kors (“Bastard Boys,” “Ghost Ship”). Executive producers are Geoff Porz and Greg Sitch (“The Cup,” “I Love You Too”). Butler and Hope’s Gristmill Productions is one of Australia’s most successful producers of comedy television series.

Honey Halloway (Lucy Fry), sixteen year old star of the Hollywood movie franchise, Monkey Girl, arrives in her home town of Melbourne for a quick work visit. But when her mother, Beth (Portia de Rossi), is unexpectedly sent to rehab, Honey’s visit turns out not to be so quick after all. Life quickly disintegrates into chaos as Honey adjusts to life without a stylist, chef and an assistant, and her relatives adjust to having a movie star sharing their home.


Acquisitions and Sales Consultant Richard S. Guardian negotiated the deal with attorney Greg Sitch for Lightning to handle international sales of the film. Lightning and WME co-represent the U.S. rights.

“Now Add Honey” is the latest addition to Lightning’s international sales slate, which includes high-octane action “Turkey Shoot” (starring Dominic Purcell, Viva Bianca and Belinda McClory), apocalyptic thriller “The Blackout,” drama “Bravetown” (starring Lucas Till, Josh Duhamel, Laura Dern and Maria Bello), “Preggoland” (starring Sonja Bennett and James Caan), horror/thrillers “Girlhouse,” “Indigenous,” “Dark House,” “The Pack,” dramatic thriller “Ask Me Anything” (starring Britt Robertson), and “Healing” (starring Hugo Weaving).

2014 Australians in Film Awards

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Yesterday (October 26), Lucy attended the 2014 Australians in Film Awards Benefit Gala at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel on Sunday evening in Santa Monica, Calif. You could watch the video below as Lucy walked at the red carpet


I’ll add HQ images when it’s available.



Lucy Fry chats with Ansuya Natha in ‘Another Aussie in LA’

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Lucy Fry chats with Ansuya Natha in ‘Another Aussie in LA’.

Lucy Fry (Vampire Academy) has had a busy two years! She has gotten to be a vampire princess, a Hollywood starlet, a manipulative high schooler and the troubled, somewhat possessed daughter of Kevin Bacon. We disscuss putting in the extra oomph, being part of the other half on LA public transport, and that little ol’ fear of being ‘found out’. She also shares her pre-audition routine and the various things she has learnt along her short but prolific journey. She is an utter delight to talk to! But you might have already guessed as much…

You can listen at the podcast in iTunes or in Another Aussie in LA.

Mako Mermaids Behind The Scene Images

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I added 7 MQ Behind the Scene images of Lucy from Mako Mermaids set. I also replaced most of Mako Mermaids Stills and Promotional images with High Quality. Thanks to my friend Nawel, who helped me.

Don’t forget to click the link below to see the images in the gallery.




GALLERY LINKS: Television Series > Mako Mermaids > Stills > Behind the scenes > Promotional

The Preppie Connection Behind The Scene Photos

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I compiled 34 Low Quality Behind The Scene Photos of Lucy from the set of The Preppie Connection. Don’t forget to click the link below to see the images in the gallery.




GALLERY LINKS: Movie Production > The Preppie Connection > Behind The Scene


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Ready to return to St. Vladimir’s? Join the Class of 2015 & help us get FROSTBITE into production.



Four years ago we embarked on a journey to bring Richelle Mead’s beloved series, “Vampire Academy,” to the big screen. Upon securing the rights we immediately came to YOU, the fans, with our hopes for this franchise. Creating and building a social media presence ended up being the best decision we ever made. Through the ups and downs of these last years, YOU have stood by us and for that we are forever thankful.
And now, here we are, back to square one. With over 360,000 film fans on our Facebook page and 47,000 Twitter followers – the one message we continue to receive is clear and simple: YOU WANT FROSTBITE.

Exhausting all our resources these past six months, we have successfully funded the majority of the second film. However, our financiers have made one request before we are officially green lit. They want to see a large enough fan interest to warrant their investment. And so, we turn to YOU, the self-proclaimed #VAFamily to make this a reality.

We are asking for our global fan base – US, Australia, Brazil, UK, Philippines, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, India, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Germany, New Zealand, France, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Sweden, Malaysia, Croatia, Argentina, Algeria, Egypt, Spain, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Morocco, Slovenia, Serbia, Thailand, South Africa, Russia, Hungary, Venezuela, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Singapore, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Netherlands (to name a few) – to help us continue Rose and Lissa’s story.

It has come to our attention that many of our fans never had the opportunity to see the first film in the theatre – and in fact, many of you are still waiting for the DVD to be released in your country. Therefore, our biggest concern moving forward is guaranteeing that YOU have access to the film. This is very important to us because we are asking you to put your faith in our team once more. Provided that our goal is met, we pledge to bring FROSTBITE directly to YOU via a digital download for those contributing $30 or over.

What we are asking for is nothing new. Other films have achieved their own personal goals and we know, with your help, so can we. When we look back at what you have accomplished – MTV Movie Brawl Finals, Teen Choice Award Nominations, etc – we know that when the #VAFamily sets their sights on a goal, they always reach it.

We need to raise 1.5 million to see Frostbite become a reality. If we raise more, it will only allow us to make an even better film for YOU.

Per the request of the fans for a true book to film adaptation, our screenwriter, Piers Ashworth (“St.Trinian’s”), has delivered! Only by reaching our full goal amount will we move forward, but with your help we know we can bring Adrian, Eddie, Tasha, Janine and the rest of the VA characters to life once more.

We leave you with this thought…reaching our goal will not only green light FROSTBITE, it will bring us one step closer to SHADOW KISS!

-Your VA Producing Team


For more information and how to donate,visit

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