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Mako Mermaids now available for streaming in Netflix

July 26, 2013


In this spin off to H20: Just Add Water follows the story of fifteen year old Zac decides to camp on Mako Island, unaware that three mermaids, Sirena, Nixie and Lyla, who are guardians of the island, are watching him. That night, when the full moon rises, the boy comes into contact with the magic water of the Moon Pool. The following morning, he wakes up discovering he has become a merman with a fish-like tail and the ability to control and manipulate water. His new found merman abilities will cause problems for the mermaids.

Lucy play the role of Lyla, the loner and rebel, she is perfectly contented of swimming all day by herself by the end of the series Lyla will learnt the importance of friendship.You can now watch the first thirteen episodes of Mako Mermaids in Netflix and to all Aussie fans you can catch Mako Mermaids every Friday 4PM in Channel TEN. Stills, screen captures will be added in gallery soon!

Watch Lucy Fry on Mako Mermaids this July 26

July 24, 2013


Catch Lucy Fry on the premiere of her new show Mako Mermaids, the spin off series of H20: Just Add Water this July 26 on Channel TEN and It will also premiere worldwide on Netflix the very same day. Lucy will be playing Lyla, the loner and a bit of a rebel, Lyla lives her life as a mermaid and is perfectly content swimming alone all day. She has fun in her own way, and she isn’t used to having to rely on others, so she can be a little prickly at times.

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