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Happy 22nd Birthday Lucy Fry

March 14, 2014

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Happy 22nd Birthday Lucy! I wish you nothing but the very best in life, health, happiness and success in your career. Your love, dedication, talent and passion to support beautiful causes doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you so much for inspiring me and millions of people everyday. We hope you’re having a fantastic day celebrating with family and friends! We love you!


As you may know our fansite together with Lucy Fry Daily, Her Royal Guardian and Vampire Academy Australia teams up to celebrate Lucy’s 22nd birthday, we called Lucy Fry Birthday Project. We made a video consist of pictures of the fans showing their love and support to Lucy and an online card. You can read and watch it below. From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to thank every single person who participated in making this project possible. We genuinely hope this will make Lucy’s birthday, a even more beautiful one!

Read the online card here.

Nylon Magazine Outtakes

March 07, 2014



I added 5 HQ Outtakes of Lucy from her gorgeous photoshoot for Nylon Magazine. Don’t forget to click the link below to see the images in the gallery.




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Vampire Academy Promotional Images

February 27, 2014



I added 12 High Quality Promotional Images of Lucy from her movie ‘Vampire Academy. Click the link to see all of the images in the gallery.



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‘I call her mum’: Vampire Academy star Lucy Fry reveals Portia de Rossi has taken her under her wing in Hollywood

February 21, 2014



Being a young actress in Hollywood can be a scary thing, but Portia de Rossi has made it a lot easier for fellow Aussie Lucy Fry.


The 21-year-old actress revealed Ellen DeGeneres’ wife has been helping her navigate the tricky world of showbiz after the pair met on the set of Australian comedy Now Add Honey.


‘She was very helpful on things to be aware and careful of,’ she told the MailOnline at the Australian premiere of her film Vampire Academy on Thursday.


‘She’s so down-to-earth and honest. She told me a lot of really interesting stories about her journey as a young actress when she was my age and moving to Los Angeles.


‘I tease her a lot and always call her mum because she hates it and doesn’t ever want to be a mum.


‘We have a really fun relationship.’


The statuesque 5″9′ blonde actress but her best foot forward at the Vampire Academy premiere, with the supernatural blockbuster her first big break in Hollywood. 


Now based in LA, Lucy returned to her home country last year to film Now Add Honey with the 41-year-old Arrested Development actress in Melbourne.


‘I play an American child star (Honey) and Portia de Rossi is the show mum who’s addicted to pain killers because of all her botox and has to go to rehab,’ she says about the film’s plot.


‘Honey gets dumped with her Australian family and has to come to terms with what it means to be loved for who you are rather than your fame and fortune.’


Hamish Blake – of Hamish and Andy fame – also stars in the film, which Lucy says is in a similar vein to Muriel’s Wedding and The Castle.


‘It’s a total classic. It’s got that great Australian humour.’


While the film isn’t out until later this year, Lucy has been enjoying the success that comes with being part of a movie adapted from a hugely successful young adult novel.


Praising Vampire Academy’s loyal fanbase, she says one of the things she loves about her character Lissa and author Richelle Mead’s story is that she isn’t afraid to address serious teen issues like suicide, drug and alcohol abuse. 


‘It was very important because Lissa’s dealing with the loss of her parents and the anxiety and depression that’s partly caused by her powers.


‘For me I really want to tell stories that are important and people can learn something from.


‘What I love about Lissa is she reaches out for help when she needs it.


‘She’s lucky she has her best friend Rose to help her and I think the fact that she’s comfortable enough in her vulnerability to accept help and ask for help is really strong and something I hope girls can learn from.’


With future parts, Lucy said her dream role was playing either a superhero or an elf and that she would love to model her career on Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett’s.


‘Pretty much I’d just love to be Cate Blanchett.


‘All I need to do is learn to be her and I’ll be fine.’

Source: Daily Mail

The stars of Vampire Academy, Zoey Deutch and Aussie actress Lucy Fry, talk about visiting Sydney

February 20, 2014



When Vampire Academy’s Zoey Deutch found out she was coming to Australia, she knew she needed to bring her mum, actress Lea Thompson from Back to the Future, to show her around.


“I brought my mother so that she would be the tour guide,” the 19-year-old star of the book-turned-movie says in Sydney.


“My first day here, we walked to the Botanical Gardens and the Opera House and to the museum. We snuck into the State Theatre to see it all. I’m staying an extra two days to see the beach.”


But Deutch has another person she can turn to for sightseeing help.


Her co-star in Vampire Academy is Aussie actress Lucy Fry.


While Fry calls Brisbane home, she did write a list for Deutch and instructed her on the art of eating a Tim Tam.


“I had a Tim Tam this morning,” Deutch says.


“A fan brought it at the signing yesterday and I dipped it in my coffee. It was phenomenal.”


Fry could also give some advice to another co-star, with Sarah Hyland in town to film Modern Family.


Hyland will attend the Vampire Academy premiere in Sydney and Deutch says they’ve been keeping in touch.


Unlike her Modern Family role, Hyland plays a nerdy vampire in the film, based on Richelle Mead’s book series.


She starts hanging out with fellow vampire Lissa (Fry) and her half-human/half vampire guardian-in-training Rose (Deutch) when they return to the academy, which they believe holds more dangers for them than the outside world.


The school teaches the peaceful Moroi vampires to harness their magic power and their guardians (called Dhampir) to learn to protect them from the bloodthirsty, immortal vampires – the Strigoi.


Vampire Academy is the first in a six-part series by Mead and has already sold three quarters of a million copies in Australia alone.


* Vampire Academy releases in Australian cinemas on March 6


I also added 13 HQ potrait of Lucy and Zoey from their Press Junket in Sydney.



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Australian Vampire Academy Premiere

February 20, 2014



I added 23 Medium Quality and 7 HQ Images of Lucy from the Australian Vampire Academy Premiere Night (February 19). Click the link to see the images in our gallery. HQ pictures will be added when it’s available.



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Watch: Lucy Fry, Sarah Hyland and Zoey Deutch Talk Vampires, Butt Kickers and Dorks

February 20, 2014



Tonight marked the premiere of the highly anticipated movie adaptation of the Vampire Academy series – with the three main female stars taking to the pink carpet in Sydney.


The event saw the homecoming of Brisbane actress Lucy Fry – who joked around with her two co-stars all night in between talking to the press.


Joined by Sarah Hyland (in town with the Modern Family cast) and Zoey Deutch – all three girls raved about the experience of working together.


Sarah put it best saying, “They are such wonderful, wonderful women, um and we all became very very close. They have a wonderful work ethic, very talented. I can only speak of the highest regards.”


Zoey also revealed what the best part about playing a badass in the film was – while Lucy told us about the experience of bringing the film to her home country!


Head over to The Hot Hits to watch the interview.

Vampire Academy’s Lucy Fry: ‘It’s Good To Be a Bloodsucking Princess’

February 20, 2014



Aussie actress Lucy Fry is making her feature film debut as Lissa Dragomir, a royal vampire princess, in “Vampire Academy.” She and her best friend and guardian, Rose (Zoey Deutch), attend a hidden boarding school for Moroi (mortal, peaceful Vampires) and Dhampirs (half-vampire/half-human guardians.)


Based on Richelle Mead’s six-book series, the movie is directed by Mark Waters (“Mean Girls,” “Freaky Friday”) and written by his brother Daniel Waters (“Batman Returns,” “Heathers”).



How did you get into the mode of playing a princess and being regal?
Lucy Fry: I did a lot of yoga and strengthening actually to get that posture. The posture was a big part of it as well as learning the English accent. There was something about speaking in an English accent, even though it’s stereotypical, that made me feel more regal.
She was pretty covered up, which I loved. It was more like to kind of get that poise that a princess has, and I can imagine Lissa grew up with her mom and dad always being around, (and was told to) sit up straight, have good manners, keep your ankles crossed, la, la, la, getting into that physicality.


Was it good being princess or were you frustrated sometimes that you couldn’t participate in those fight scenes?
I really wanted to beat up Strigoi. (Laughs) The best thing about it was having supernatural powers, the powers that the Dampirs don’t get to have, so that was really fun.



The beautiful 21-year-old-actress recently promoted “Vampire Academy”; following are highlights from the junket at the Crosby Hotel.
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Australian Meet and Greet Fan Event

February 19, 2014



I added 27 Medium Quality Fan Taken Images of Lucy with Zoey Deutch from Australian Meet and Greet Fan Event (February 18). Click the link to see the images in our gallery. HQ pictures will be added when it’s available.




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Vampire Academy Stars On Why Their Movie’s Different

February 19, 2014


Click more to watch the interview.

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