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Lucy Elizabeth Fry is an Australian actress and model born on March 13, 1992 in Wooloowin, Queensland Australia. Since childhood she had performed in theater Zen Zen Zo in Brisbane. At the age of fifteen, she participated in the competition hosted by Girlfriend Magazine. She was one of the lucky finalists, after she caught the interest of leading Australian model agencies. Lucy had signed contract with companies Chic Management and Dallys Models.

In 2010 Lucy made a brief cameo in H20: Just Add Water season finale. She also appeared in the music video of Thirsty Merc “Tommy and Krista”. In 2012, she made her first acting debut in Australian Television Show “Lightning Point”, which also premiered in Teen Nick and in various countries such as the USA and United Kingdom. After her successful television debut, Lucy landed the most coveted role, Lyla from the spin-off series of H20: Just Add Water called Mako Mermaids. In February 1, 2013 it was announced Lucy will play Lissa Dragomir, the moroi princess in the movie adaptation of New York Times Best selling series Vampire Academy. After filming her sophomore movie Now Add Honey’ . Lucy currently resides in Los Angeles and after a competitive agency pursuit, she has signed with ICM Partners. Lucy Fry is repped by IAM’s David Guillod and Mike Gillespie and by Monica Keightley in Australia.