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Vampire Academy Cast Interview at New York Comic Con

October 12, 2013

Watch as the Vampire Academy cast talks about the film, fan visuals and what makes Vampire Academy different to all Vampire films at 2013 New York Comic Con.



NYCC Exclusive: Lucy Fry & Dominic Sherwood on Vampire Academy

October 12, 2013



Lucy and Dominic Sherwood talks about Vampire Academy, their chemistry, kissing scene, how did their audition went and lots more with Comingsoon.Net at New York Comic Con.


Lucy Fry stars as Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi vampire studying at St. Vladimir’s Academy. While she’s studying subjects like Basics of Elemental Control, her best friend, Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch), is taking classes like Weight Training and Conditioning because Rose is a Dhampir, half Moroi and half human, and upon graduation, it’ll be her job to protect Lissa from the Strigoi, a malicious and immortal breed of vampires.

When asked what makes you two special among other Vampire Movie Relationship?

Lucy: I don’t feel another vampire relationship because, our relationship doesn’t have to do with vampire element. It’s about two people who really connect and I think the thing about Christian and Lissa, there’s so much fire between theme coz they are almost bonded by their pain because they are hiding from the rest of the world, they’ve been gone through so much they need to retreat to attic of the church. They both happened to be hiding from everything.

‘Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters’ Panel in New York Comic Con

October 11, 2013


Lucy attends the Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Movie Panel at 2013 New York Comic Con October 11, 2013.




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Lucy Confirmed For Vampire Academy Movie panel at New York Comic Con

October 07, 2013



Vampire Academy Movie Facebook confirmed Lucy will attend New York Comic Con for Vampire Academy Movie Panel on October 11 (Friday) at 11am in room 1A06. Cast Meet & Greet and Autograph signing are to follow at booth #722 in 3E at 12:30PM. Check out NYC comic con official site for more details.


Lucy with Now Add Honey Cast wrap up party

September 15, 2013




Ash Ricardo, one of Lucy’s co-star in Now Add Honey shares another lovely picture of them together with Philippa Coulthard, Lucy Durack and Faustina Agolley in Now Add Honey wrap up party. I added a new picture of Lucy together with Lucinda and Philippa from Now Add Honey set.

Lucy Fry on her Zen Zen Zo Performance

July 29, 2013

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Just added some of Lucy’s performance in Zen Zen Zo Theater, the year are currently unknown.

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