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Lucy Fry Source Turns Three!

July 25, 2016

Three years ago, Sue created Lucy Fry Source! I’m really excited to keep Lucy Fry Source alive, hopefully more years will come!


As a celebration I decided I should ask you Lucy Fry Source fans what else you would like to see! An Icon Archive or a Forum? or both? Comment down below which one you prefer!

Lucy Fry Source Turns Two Year Old Today

July 24, 2015

Lucy Fry Source Anniversay

Two years ago, I created Lucy Fry Source to provide a safe place where all Lucy Fry fans could interact. The site’s aim has always been to provide high quality content and the latest news about Lucy. I’m so delightful to see how much this site has grown similar to Lucy’s career. For the past two years, we’ve acquired more than five million hits while our gallery continues to thrive. We have more than three thousands high quality photos and almost  two hundred fifty thousand hits.

In celebration of this wonder day, I’ll share my top five favorite articles.

Alongside with Lucy Fry Source, I hope you’ll stay by our side to support Lucy with her future endeavors!

Introducing Lucy Fry Source Theme #3

March 13, 2015


LFS Theme #3 by Prisc

A couple of weeks ago, I changed the theme of our gallery, courtesy of Prisc. And now here’s the very much awaited new look of LUCYFRY.ORG! Let’s all pretend, this is our tiny gift to Lucy. I hope you all like it! Once again thanks to my dear friend, Prisc who made this beauty.

Happy 22nd Birthday Lucy Fry

March 14, 2014

HTML tutorial

Happy 22nd Birthday Lucy! I wish you nothing but the very best in life, health, happiness and success in your career. Your love, dedication, talent and passion to support beautiful causes doesn’t go unnoticed. Thank you so much for inspiring me and millions of people everyday. We hope you’re having a fantastic day celebrating with family and friends! We love you!


As you may know our fansite together with Lucy Fry Daily, Her Royal Guardian and Vampire Academy Australia teams up to celebrate Lucy’s 22nd birthday, we called Lucy Fry Birthday Project. We made a video consist of pictures of the fans showing their love and support to Lucy and an online card. You can read and watch it below. From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to thank every single person who participated in making this project possible. We genuinely hope this will make Lucy’s birthday, a even more beautiful one!

Read the online card here.

Thirsty Merc – Tommy & Krista Music Video

August 19, 2013


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In 2010, Lucy star in Thirsty Merc – Tommy & Krista Music Video. I added almost 200 screen captures.


Other Projects > Music Videos > Thirsty Merc – Tommy & Krista