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Wolf Creek First Trailer and Still

December 17, 2015


Last October, it was announced Lucy is set to star in Greg McLean’s Wolf Creek mini series. It’s expected to premiere on Stan mid-2016.

Twenty-three year old Lucy Fry plays Eve Thorogood, an American tourist on holiday with her family who becomes the sole survivor when her family is massacred by Taylor. She becomes hellbent on revenge, making Taylor, the hunter, become the hunted in a fresh take on the Wolf Creek story.

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Now we can finally see the first glimpse of it via trailer and still. You can watch it below:

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

Lucy cast In Hulu Series “11/22/63” by Stephen King

April 08, 2015



Deadline announced, Lucy has joined the cast of Hulu Series ’11/22/63′. Its a 2011 novel written by Stephen King. Lucy will play “Marina Oswald, Oswald’s Russian wife — a knockout and challenged to make her way in a foreign country with her unpredictable husband.” You can read the full press release below.

Oscar winner Chris Cooper is among seven actors cast in 11/22/63, Hulu’s adaptation of Stephen King’s 2011 bestseller starring James Franco. Kevin Macdonald, who helmed The Last King Of Scotland and won an Oscar for his feature documentary One Day In September, will direct the first two of the nine-episode event series.

The story centers on Jake Epping (Franco), an unassuming divorced English teacher who stumbles upon a time portal that leads to September 1958 and goes on a quest to prevent the assassination of President Kennedy. But his mission is threatened by Lee Harvey Oswald, his falling in love and the past itself — which doesn’t want to be changed.

The actors join Sarah Gadon, who Deadline told you yesterday was aboard to play Sadie Dunhill, the luminous, sharp librarian in 1960s Jodie, Texas, who falls in love with Jake, unaware of his double life.

Cooper will play Al Templeton, he irascible owner of Al’s Diner, a mentor/friend to Jake. His appeal to save Kennedy sends Jake on his incredible mission. Also joining the cast: Daniel Webber as Oswald, one of the most discussed figures in American history and an enigma even to himself; Cherry Jones as Marguerite Oswald, Oswald’s mother who is as needy and difficult as her infamous son; George MacKay as Bill Turcotte, a young, guileless bartender from 1960s Kentucky who becomes Jake’s ally; Lucy Fry as Marina Oswald, Oswald’s Russian wife — a knockout and challenged to make her way in a foreign country with her unpredictable husband; and Leon Rippy as Harry Dunning, a kind, soft-spoken and damaged janitor at Jake’s school in 2015; his traumatic early life in the 1960s has a surprising impact on Jake.

11/22/63 is from J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, author King, executive producer/writer Bridget Carpenter and Warner Bros. Television.

Mako Mermaids Behind The Scene Images

October 14, 2014



I added 7 MQ Behind the Scene images of Lucy from Mako Mermaids set. I also replaced most of Mako Mermaids Stills and Promotional images with High Quality. Thanks to my friend Nawel, who helped me.

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HQ Stills from Lightning Point

August 17, 2013




In 2012 Lucy played Zoey in Australian TV Show Lightning Point. I just added some of her HQ Stills. Check it out guys!

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Remaining episodes of Mako Mermaids will stream in September 15

August 09, 2013


Netflix’s Director Erik Barmack confirmed that episode 14-26 of Mako Mermaids will stream in September 15. Also starring by Ivy Latimer,Amy Ruffle,Kerith Atkinson & Chai Romruen. In this sequel ofo H20: Just Add Water follows the story of Zac who turns into a merman after falling into a magical Pool. Zac’s new powers could spell trouble for the three young mermaids who guard Mako Island.


— Erik Barmack (@ebarmack) August 9, 2013