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Introducing Lucy Fry: The Vampire Academy Ingénue on Moving to L.A. and Why to Expect Her in Stella McCartney Soon



As the striking Australian 21-year-old import whose breakout movie, Vampire Academy, is in theaters today, Lucy Fry is riding the wave of publicity that naturally attends a film costarring the equally beautiful Zoey Deutch, former Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko, and Modern Family’Sarah Hyland. And while Fry wore Giulietta to Tuesday’s Los Angeles premiere, we expect it won’t be long before she takes up Stella McCartney, and maybe Organic by John Patrick, and Edun, too, while we’re at it. We also don’t doubt that post-Vampire Academy, young Fry will have invitations aplenty and occasion to support all three.


Where are you at the moment?
I’m in Venice [California] at my apartment. I’ve lived in Los Angeles on and off for about five months and I’m kind of halfway between L.A. and Australia still.


You’re still fresh off the boat!
Well, the first time I came to California was in January 2013, when I auditioned for Vampire Academy. Then I went back to Australia for a bit and we filmed in London, and then I went home again to do another movie. I was kind of scared when I finally got here four months ago.


Things have happened fast, then. Had you been to London before?
Once just for a week. I got the script [for Vampire Academy] when I was in London and then I got to go back and film it there, so it was a nice circle.


How did you find London?
I lived on Buckingham Gate while in London, just down the street from the Queen! Vampire Academy was a night shoot, so I got to know London in the darkness and had free time during the day. I saw a lot of theater while I was there.


Matinees, I assume. What was your favorite?
I think Othello at the National was my favorite.


Oh, right! With Adrian Lester. He’s going to be doing a play in New York at St. Ann’s Warehouse this spring [Lolita Chakrabarti’s Red Velvet].
I want to see it!


So tell me about your style. How are you approaching the red-carpet process?
Style is something I’ve never really invested time in before. I’m a relaxed person and I kind of just wear anything; I don’t put that much time and care into planning an outfit. But I love art and painting and color, so I’m getting ready for it as if it were an artwork.


That’s one way to make a stressful process more fun . . . Any other considerations?
I want to try and wear as many Australian designers as I can because I’d like to support my Australian colleagues in the industry as well as find things that are eco-friendly. I love the green concept of wearing more sustainable garments at events.


You probably know this, but Stella McCartney is committed to sustainable fashion and doesn’t use any skins or furs, even in her bags and shoes.


Really? I’ll look up Stella McCartney, definitely. To be honest, I haven’t really had a chance to think about what fashion means to me or how I’m going to wear things my way.


You’ll find a way to make it your own.


Vampire Academy premieres today.


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