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Lucy Fry For Ocean Road Magazine




Lucy graces Australian magazine Ocean Road for 2014 Summer Edition where she talks about her upcoming film Vampire Academy and Now Add Honey. You can see all of the medium quality scans of her beautiful photoshoot and the 9 page spread by clicking the link below.


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Click more for the full transcript of Lucy Fry’s interview with Ocean Road Magazine.


At 21, Lucy Fry is already a seasoned small-screen actress but as the star of two feature films she is set to release next year, she is likely to become Hollywood’s newest ‘it’ girl.

Heads turn as Lucy Fry walks into a small coffee shop for an interview with Ocean Road Magazine. There’s something special about this blonde bombshell from Brisbane. It’s more than movie star smile and contagious giggle – she’s got the ‘X factor’.”


She’s genuine and unscathed from her time in Hollywood and her growing fame is set to rise to new heights with the release of her first starring role in Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.


Her big break follows years of theatre training and courage to take a risk in the cut-throat profession of acting. As a child, Lucy’s passion for stage was sparked by her father’s storytelling, “Growing up, my dad would always tell my sister and I lots of stories and we could choose who we wanted to be so I felt like we were part of the story,” says Lucy. “I love going into that fantasy world and being something that I’m not.” The fantasy became a reality when, at 14, Lucy joined a youth acting program in Brisbane at Zen Zen Zo. The youngest starlet was inspired by fellow actors who were making a living by doing something they loved. “I realized it was something I could actually do,” she says.


After four years of physical theatre training, plays and short films, Lucy signed with Mollison Keightley Management and made the movie to Sydney at just 18 years of age. Monica Keightley, director of Mollison Keightley Management, recalls her first impression of Lucy: “Upon meeting her for the first time I was struck by her beauty, intelligence and warmth,” says Monica. “As I got to know her I became aware that Lucy also works incredibly hard, pays enormous attention to detail and throws herself  wholeheartedly into every role.” Thus, it came as no surprise when, within two months with the agency, Lucy landed her first leading television gig as Zoey in Lightning Point.


For Lucy, it has never been about the fame and fortune: “Acting fills me with so much passion and energy and joy,” she exclaims. But come February 14, 2014, Lucy will be thrust into the Hollywood spotlight with the release of Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters.


The Weinstein Company film is based on the best-selling book series of the same name and Lucy plays a central character, Lissa Dragomir alongside television star Zoey Deutch, Golden Glode winner Gabriel Bryne, Bond girl Olga Kurylenko and Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland. The enormity of the role was not lost on Lucy when she heard about the casting. She put everything she had into becoming Lissa Dragomir for her audition – the very first audition she had after moving to Los Angeles. “I arrived in LA after backpacking around Europe and I went to this audition,” says Lucy. “I’d been practicing and drawing pictures on the plane … I felt so connected to the role right away and I wanted to work really hard for it.”


The hard work eventually paid off. However, unbeknown to many, Lucy didn’t receive a call back from the first casting. After hearing that producers were taking self-tapes from around the world, she submitted one too. “In my lounge room with my best friend. I just filmed the audition scenes and sent them into the producers.” A few days later, she got the call that would drastically change the course of her life. “I got a call saying I has a test deal for the role – I was in shock!”


After mother of prepping for her role and two months of filming, Lucy is proud of Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters and says the focus on friendship rather than romance makes the movie unique in the midst of a vampire movie craze. “Especialy for teenage girls, it’s really refreshing that’s about friendship because when you’re a teenage your best friends are the most important thing in your life, and there aren’t enough films that reflect that” says Lucy. “Rose (played by Zoey Deutch) and Lissa are really great role models for that.”



Lucy too wants to be a great role model and chooses to avoid the partying lifestyle to which many young starlets succumb in Hollywood. “I do a lot of yoga, I go to the beach and that party scene is not me so I don’t think there’s a chance that I could even pretend to be like that,” says Lucy. “I am really lucky to have a good Australian friends and a wonderful boyfriend in LA who keeps my feet on the ground.”


However, being in the midst of the Hollywood lifestyle proved beneficial for researching her role in the Australian film, Now Add Honey. The movie is set to be release after Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters and is her second starring role in a feature film. Lucy plays Honey Halloway, a famous Hollywod pop star whose extravagant life is turned upside down when she comes to Australia and is forced to stay with a working class family. To prepare for the role, Lucy would spend time studying people in LA, learning how to portray the stereotypical Hollywood lifestyle of superficiality and extravagancy that defines the character Honey. “When I found out I got the role, I spent of lot of time in cafes just watching people … how they movie,  how they talk,” says Lucy. “The stereotype can be real.”


The theme of Now Add Honey rings true in Lucy’s personal life.  “It’s such a family oriented film with all these themes about finding yourself and being grounded … that family’s more important than money and fame,” she says. Being home in Australia and spending time with her close-knit family also enables Lucy to ground herself. “ I spend so much time being other people that it’s nice when I get to be me again!.”


Despite the likelihood of become Hollywood’s next ‘it’ girl, Lucy remains humble: “I feel so lucky to be doing what I love every day. I really hope it keeps going and I get the chance to play lots of different interesting characters.”



Perhaps what is most remarkable about Lucy is her fearlessness. She understands that acting is an unpredictable career but says confidently: “Life’s too short not to do what you love and to take risks for love.” Moreover, she is fearless in the fact that she remains true to herself in an industry that centres on being other people. She understands that “to stay who you are takes a lot of courage” …. And Lucy Fry certainly has it! 


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