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Lucy Fry in Nylon 2014 February Issue


Lucy is featured in February 2014 Issue of Nylon magazine. I added two High Quality scans in the gallery. Make sure to take a look, Lucy looks fantastic!



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It’s late afternoon in Los Angeles, and Lucy Fry is starving. Settling onto a couch in a makeshift dressing room, she digs into a Greek salad while stylists, publicists, and two French bulldogs buzz about. Out of costume and in a black and white summer dress and cardigan, the 21-year-old Australian born actress is doing an impressive job of tuning out the chaos around her.”Are you hungry? We can share.” She offers. It’s only after I decline (twice) she resumes her meal. 


In addition to being generous with her snacks, Fry is also something of a budding talent. She’s making her U.S. big-screen debut in Vampire Academy (out Valentine’s Day), based on the best-selling paranormal YA series. She understand enough to participate the skeptical reactions-“not another vampire movie”- but Fry points out that what attracted her to the project in the first place was its unconventional approach: fangs with a generous side of tongue-in-cheek. “We’re quirky teenagers who just happen to drink blood,” she assures. “We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”


Fry started acting whe she was 14, and later joined a physical theater company in her native Brisbane. Growing up, her extracurriculars ranged from writing to water polo, ancient history to art, but it was always performing that always best suited her. “I loved the release of it, and loved that there were no limits to what you could do,” she says. At 18, she was cast as a surfing alien on an Australian TV show called Lightning Point, (American audiences may know it by its decidedly more literal TeenNick name Alien Surf Girls, a title that even she can’t say with a straight face.)”Fantasy is one of my favorite genres,” explains Fry. “I love that you can be something completely absurd and wonderful, and it gives you a lot of more creative license- you’re not human so you can be anything.”


In Vampire Academy, that means playing Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi princess whose teen angst is exacerbated by psychic abilities including the powers of healing and resurrection. “Lissa’s very human, but she’s got superpowers from her vampire magic that makes her a little bit unstable emotionally,” says Fry. The film shot in London, and on her days off, she explored the city’s old playhouses, taking in as many shows as she could, including Othello at the National Theater, which tipped off a new found appreciation of Shakespeare. She environs herself on stage one day, and while her dream role used to be Juliet, these days she’s thinking more along the lines of Lady Macbeth-“something a little bit dark and crazy.”


With alien,mermaid and vampire check off the list her range will be tested in the upcoming Australian indie Now Add Honey,opposite Portia de Rossi; Fry plays, wait for it, a human being. (An American pop singer whose life changes drastically when she’s sent to stay with family in suburban Melbourne, actually.) And what was it like to portray a regular girl at long last? “Well, she isn’t really a regular girl,” Fry interjects with a laugh. “She’s an L.A. child star.” We stand corrected.



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