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Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Sneak Peek Trailer

August 14, 2013


After unlocking the 10K RT.  The USA distributor of Vampire Academy, The Weinstein Company unveiled the Sneak Peek Trailer. You can clearly see Rose, Zoey’s character staking someone and our lovely Lucy as Lissa, terrified as ever.


Watch the sneak peek trailer below.


Lissa In Vampire Academy Stills

August 13, 2013




USA Today revealed the first batch stills of Vampire Academy featuring Zoey Deutch, Lucy Fry and Sarah Hyland.

In theaters Feb. 14, Vampire Academy centers on St. Vladimir’s Academy, a school for kids with amazing powers, where Rose is being trained to be a supernatural bodyguard for her best friend Lissa (Lucy Fry), a Moroi princess with whom Rose shares a deep bond. The film begins with them being returned to St. Vladimir’s after they’ve escaped, though dark forces are working within the academy to scare Lissa and leaving threatening messages like “Leave or die.”


Mark Waters says Vampire Academy distinguishes itself from Twilight and similar YA fare a few ways.


Remaining episodes of Mako Mermaids will stream in September 15

August 09, 2013


Netflix’s Director Erik Barmack confirmed that episode 14-26 of Mako Mermaids will stream in September 15. Also starring by Ivy Latimer,Amy Ruffle,Kerith Atkinson & Chai Romruen. In this sequel ofo H20: Just Add Water follows the story of Zac who turns into a merman after falling into a magical Pool. Zac’s new powers could spell trouble for the three young mermaids who guard Mako Island.


— Erik Barmack (@ebarmack) August 9, 2013


Lucy shared her first day on ‘Now Add Honey’ set

August 07, 2013




Lucy shared her first day in the set of “Now Add Honey’ with a caption. “First day on the set of Now Add Honey and my stomach muscles are sore from laughing all day! Get ready to giggle.” It looks like Lucy had a great time filming her comedy movie.

Lucy Fry has been cast Honey Halloway in Comedy Movie ‘Now Add Honey’

August 05, 2013

According to Moviehole, Lucy has been cast in Melbourne upcoming comedy film ‘Now Add Honey’. Lucy will play Honey Halloway.

Honey Halloway (Lucy Fry), shining Hollywood teen star returns home to Australia for a short trip and finds her life crumbling into chaos when her mother (Portia de Rossi) is suddenly sent away and Honey is forced to stay with her aunt Caroline (Robyn Butler) in the suburbs of Melbourne. Honey’s once normal existence is turned upside down and discovers her family is not so normal at all.

Roadshow Films will distribute ‘Now Add Honey’ in Australia and New Zealand, the release date is yet to be confirmed. The production will begin filming this week in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Lucy New Pictures From Mako Mermaids BTS

August 02, 2013

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Just added Lucy Fry in Mako Mermaids Behind the scenes with the cast. Mako Mermaids are currently available in Netflix and currently on air in Australia. You can catch it every Friday 4PM on Channel TEN.

Television Series > Mako Mermaids > Behind the Scenes

Lucy Fry in the wrap up party of Vampire Academy with the cast

July 29, 2013


Lucy in the wrap up party of Vampire Academy with her co-stars Zoey Deutch, Sarah Hyland, Dominique Tipper, Danila Kozlovsky & Vampire Academy’s screenwriter Daniel Waters.  Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters will hit theaters next February 14, 2014.

Lucy Fry on her Zen Zen Zo Performance

July 29, 2013

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Just added some of Lucy’s performance in Zen Zen Zo Theater, the year are currently unknown.

Theater > Zen Zen Zo

Lucy Fry personal pictures from Instagram & Facebook

July 26, 2013

LucyPip foodlucy lucwithlovelymarci _qRVekfi-D4


I just added some of Lucy’s personal pictures from her friends instagram and facebook.

Miscellaneous > Facebook/Instagram

Mako Mermaids now available for streaming in Netflix

July 26, 2013


In this spin off to H20: Just Add Water follows the story of fifteen year old Zac decides to camp on Mako Island, unaware that three mermaids, Sirena, Nixie and Lyla, who are guardians of the island, are watching him. That night, when the full moon rises, the boy comes into contact with the magic water of the Moon Pool. The following morning, he wakes up discovering he has become a merman with a fish-like tail and the ability to control and manipulate water. His new found merman abilities will cause problems for the mermaids.

Lucy play the role of Lyla, the loner and rebel, she is perfectly contented of swimming all day by herself by the end of the series Lyla will learnt the importance of friendship.You can now watch the first thirteen episodes of Mako Mermaids in Netflix and to all Aussie fans you can catch Mako Mermaids every Friday 4PM in Channel TEN. Stills, screen captures will be added in gallery soon!

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