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“I’m the princess. So all I had to do is gasp and back away.”


“The transition from being an Aussie beach babe into a very pale, sun-deprived vampire has certainly been very interesting. When I found out I got the part I came back to Australia and started preparing for it there so it was kind of hard to hide from the sun at that point. But I did start covering up at the beach with massive umbrellas and sunscreen and trying to hide from the sun as much as I could, which you can now see with how pale I am. ”


“I am enough– you don’t need to do anything. The simplicity of how easy acting can be.”


“I know what it is like when you read a book. You get a really specific idea in your head on what it’s going to be like. Everyone’s idea are going to be different there’s absolutely no way that it’s ever going to match your imagination and It’s so hard to let that go. Once you see the film, you see the characters as the actors. Its always hard at first to make that transition and let the actor kinda take on your character that’s playing in your head so I don’t think so there’s anyone gonna be happy, they cant see what they imagined but you just have to be open minded and be ready for something new.”